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Fixtur-World, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of millwork and case goods to a number of industries, including: food service for schools and universities, hospitals, hospitality, restaurants, sporting venues, and much more. We provide retail fixtures to many different companies from big box to local convenient markets. Private and public sector and have established our name among the top supplier of casework providers in the country. We have locally designed and manufactured products from One World Trade Center in New York City all the way to Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, and from Miami America's arena to Washington State. We have booths and seating in local restaurants in Cookeville, and retail fixtures throughout the region in medical offices to truck stops. We also have provided fixtures for Automobile manufacturers facilities to local and state dealership show rooms. If you can dream it, we can design and build it! We have an in house Interior Designer, Draftsmen, Product Development and Coordination that will take your project from concept to completion. We also do custom furniture for designers in Nashville, Atlanta, and other parts of the United States. If you have left your house, you have probably encountered our craftsmanship and products and weren't even aware of it. We invite you to discover a whole new world at Fixtur-World, Inc.