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Biomat USA is a member of the Grifols family, a leading biopharmaceutical company which began as a pioneer in the plasma industry over 100 years ago.

Grifols plasma specializes in the collection of protein-rich plasma from donors to help create life-saving therapies for patients with diseases, such as immune deficiencies, hemophilia, genetic emphysema, hepatitis, tetanus and rabies. We encourage donors to donate on a routine basis, and we compensate them for their time.

Plasma is more than just a component of blood - it’s the basis for some of the world’s most critical lifesaving medicines. The medicines developed from plasma can provide better treatment and improved quality of life for patients who need emergency or preventive medicine. Plasma medicines are used by patients with chronic, rare diseases including primary immunodeficiencies, bleeding disorders, or those dealing with conditions like hepatitis, animal bites, septic shock and liver disease.